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1. What services do offer Youth Information and Counseling Centers?

  • The types of services provided by YICC network are divided into the following categories:
  • Information;
  • Consulting;
  • Training;
  • Free Zone.
  • Each YICC alone can determine what will be included in these categories.

2. What specific services offers YICC "Kauzi"?

  • In these major categories and according to needs of the target group YICC "Kauzi" provides:
  • Information on internships, initiatives of NGOs, training in Bulgaria and abroad, youth activities and other initiatives funding;
  • Consulting in the field of mental health, entrepreneurship, career development, education.
  • Training in the development and management of youth projects, entrepreneurship and career development.
  • ”Free zone" includes campaigns and initiatives directed or initiated by young people.

3. Is there a YICC services?
YICC's services are free for their users as it is funded by the National Programme for Youth (2011-2015).

4. How do I know what are the initiatives YICC "Kauzi"?
From Center site or Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/MladezkiInformacionnoKonsultantskiCentrKauzi