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Youth entrepreneurship marketplace 2010

Under this project was organized the first Youth entrepreneurship marketplace in 2010. 16 young (11 disadvantaged) entrepreneurs improved their skills for self-presentation and defense of their own business and social ideas.
The project involved actively employers /partners/ investors through participation in the event and consultancy support for young entrepreneurs.
Financed by National Center "Youth European Programs and Initiatives"



Youth entrepreneurship marketplace 2011

With this project the foundation got approval of the Bureau for Social Services as a social and business incubator for motivation, psychological work, group work for young people with and without disabilities in entrepreneurship by improving their practical knowledge and skills to present their business and social ideas, build on their experience of self-presentation and validation of their self-esteem as equal participants in a multicultural environment. The best practices of the first marketplace were replicated using print and electronic tools.
Financed by Sofia Municipality


Youth Information and Advisory Center-Kauzi

The main objective of the center is to provide quality, accessible and free information and consulting services, training in entrepreneurship, according to European standards and universal human values, needs and interests of young people. Specific objective: designing, building and maintaining a sustainable YIAC more flexible mechanism for triggering the activity of young people, encouraging personal development, motivation of social integration, inclusion to the European standards and values and improve the capacity of the foundation and other youth organizations in favor of targeted program to provide youth services.
Financed by National Center "Youth European Programs and Initiatives"


Eco-generation 2012

UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria in partnership with the Youth Information and Advisory Center "Kauzi" started the "Educational Initiative 'Eco-generation 2012."
With this project we want to raise environmental awareness and responsible behavior of children and young people from 5 to 18 years to their environment. The 13 educational institutions (5 kindergartens and 8 schools) in Sofia organized meetings with our team and volunteers. The children learned why it's good to recycle garbage and how important it is not to squander water. A traveling exhibition on umbrellas created a memorable visual messages that build sustainable responsible attitude to the environment, in children, parents and teachers.
In kindergartens and schools put the "Tree of promises", where each child has the opportunity and responsibility to promise something to the Nature.


Y-CEENATRA - Youth Career Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship Networking and Transfer

The project is focused on young entrepreneurs and is implemented in partnership with Tomoc Youth Center (city Zajecar, Serbia) and the National Association of Small and Medium Business in Bulgaria. The main aim of the project is enhancing career development, promoting of youth entrepreneurship and improving connection between education and business in the cross-border area by improving the access to information, best practices transfer and building economic synergy for the SMEs in the region of Sofia, Vidin and Zajecar.

The project is financed under Bulgaria – Serbia IPA Cross-Border Programme.